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Custom Curriculum Has Been Retired


Custom Curriculum originated from customer insight to help program directors make assignments and quizzes using Access materials, as well as links to other resources. As time went by, Custom Curriculum had been superseded by several free, more flexible and reliable options for classroom assignments and management.While we recognize the value in using Access content as assignments, we also recognize that we are unable to reasonably support and improve the tool. Our research shows we would better serve our customers by investing in other new features and functionality.

Favorite, Folder, then Export

A new MyAccess feature allows you to favorite content across the sites. Anything that may be favorited is indicated by a clickable star while logged into your MyAccess Profile. This action will add a link to that content within your MyAccess dashboard under Favorites. Once favorites have been collected, you may then organize them into Folders. Once a Folder is complete, you will then be able to use an “Export As…”.

“Export As…” allows you to export links from your folder by selecting to download a list of these links to either IMSCC or CSV. The IMSCC file type is a course resource file type supported by most LMS, such as Blackboard, Canvas, Schoology and Moodle. Before using this file type, you should confirm that you may import IMSCC files into your chosen LMS. Before investing a lot of time creating folders, we highly encourage you to try a sample folder to make sure the IMSCC file is importing links as you would expect it to. You may view our FAQs on the export to IMSCC feature by clicking here. The CSV file type may be read by spreadsheet applications like Excel, Sheets, and Numbers.

Link to or Export Links from Modules in Study Tools

Some of our sites include links to the prebuilt modules from our Custom Curriculum’s Model Curricula. If a site offers such modules, they may be found under Study Tools. These modules are prebuilt and therefore cannot be modified, but each module has its own durable URL that may be shared. Note that there is no way to track activity to these prebuilt modules like in Custom Curriculum. Each module’s links may also be exported as an IMSCC file or CSV file, keeping in mind that this does not include quizzes or uploaded files.

Thank You For Your Interest In Custom Curriculum

We greatly value the learning experiences we shared with our customers while Custom Curriculum was available. We look forward to opportunities to create features and functionality that aid our customers' teaching and learning activities in the future.