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McGraw-Hill Education launches digital platform that will revolutionize the medical field.

McGraw-Hill Education developed the platform for medical consultation AccessMedicina, which represents the only tool adapted to Latin America for professionals in Medicine.
AccessMedicina is an innovative solution that provides: certificate and updated content 24/7 accessible on any mobile device.

Mexico City, September 24, 2015 - McGraw-Hill Education, a world leader in learning science for the education market, has launched and presented AccessMedicina, the Latin American platform with the most complete medical content on the market, the presentation and official press conference took place at the "Hotel Camino Real Pedregal" Mexico City on Wednesday September 23, 2015.

The learning science company has developed this digital product after detecting the need for a tool in Spanish and adapted to the needs of the Latin American market in the field of Medicine.

According to the results of research previously carried out for the launch of AccessMedicina, more than half of the libraries and bookstores in Mexico do not count enough resources to meet demand for materials for medical learning, and that one in three hospitals doesn’t have a scientific reference center near its facilities.

This is one of the main reasons that professionals find it difficult to continue updating their medical knowledge, regardless of the high costs of the medical literature: one in two students or young medical interns do not have the financial resources to purchase learning materials.

For all these reasons, most medical professionals require actual content, easily accessible and immediate to practice Medicine in everyday references.

AccessMedicina is the only Spanish online market solution that meets the high quality content recognized throughout the medical community, backed by the best-selling McGraw-Hill Education books in this area. From now on, doctors will immediately consult the best place for Spanish-speaking health information wherever they are and whenever they need.

"Access Medicina will revolutionize the world of medical education. No hassle, at any time and at any moment, always updated and at the forefront", said Victor H. Ochoa, Mexico Sales Manager of Medicine, McGraw-Hill Ed Mexico.

This resource has more than 60 titles internationally recognized in the area, including: Harrison. Principles of Internal Medicina, Schwartz, early surgery, and major local publications such as a Dermatologia. Atlas, diagnostico y tratamiento (Guzman),  Histology and Cellular Biology (Fortoul), Basic Medical Mycology (Bonifaz).

These works cover a wide range of subjects in the medical field, such as surgery, epidemiology, parasitology, biochemistry, ophthalmology, physiology, and includes the Guide for the National Examination for Medical Residence. Another of the tools is a medical heritage with more than 5,000 diseases and disorders, in addition to the Lange series and the complete series of Harrison’s readings. Notably AccessMedicina is constantly updated with new editions of titles of medicine that McGraw-Hill Education publishes.

"AccessMedicina represents a breakthrough in the field of medical education. Never before had anyone developed a platform of Medicine tailored to the needs of Latin America" said Maria F. Castro, Latin America Manager of Digital Products, McGraw-Hill Education.

In addition to this clinical material, AccessMedicina contains quick reference sections, local drug information endorsed by the work Handbook (VAM) and thousands of differential diagnoses, interactive self-assessments, patient education modules on over 7000 topics, a wide range of multimedia resources including a gallery of high-resolution images to download, 200 videos of common medical procedures and interactive animations. Thanks to the content and structure of a multimedia solution, learning is not linear but becomes dynamic, making the medical universe accessible to the user.

In this regard, Adrian Bravo, Mexico Managing Director McGraw-Hill Education, noted that "...this tool represents a major step for the training of new health professionals, because it offers greater query tools that adapt to new students and teachers’ needs.”

Through the launch of AccessMedicina, McGraw-Hill Education is positioned once again as a leading world-class brand that offers products of excellent quality and provides options for educational development of institutions, teachers, and students throughout Latin America.

"With this presentation, McGraw-Hill Education LATAM adds this product to its catalog of digital educational content platforms covering basic education, higher education, and finally the medical field" said Edoardo Papini, Latin America Public Relations Coordinator, McGraw-Hill Education.

The AccessMedicine platform is available on For further information on McGraw-Hill Education LATAM, visit the web site

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